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Once I read an introductory text on big bang (in portuguese) that explained big bang as an explosion of a space on four dimensions, a really weird concept for beginners. Great reading 🙂 And now I found the book that … Continue reading

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Slow netbooks: How to convert H.264 HD movies to lower quality (but faster) DivX

What if you want to play a HD movie on a netbook? I tried it on my acer 532h, and it’s lagging; mplayer complains about the machine being too slow. The problem maybe isn’t the high quality per se, but … Continue reading

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Books on Consciousness

In the last post, I wrote about a book on the nature of music. It was written by a computer science guy called Philip Dorrell, and can be read online. He wrote things on consciousness too. He says: Consciousness is … Continue reading

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Air – a computer-generated music (using Haskore)

Very nice thingy, a music generated by a program. Sounds like SNES music for me :~ Air was programmed using Haskore, a Haskell library for manipulating music, and used SuperCollider to output audio. Here is the source code. I see it … Continue reading

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Ruby enumerators (and a script to list all Google search results)

A while ago I carefully crafted a google searcher in sed and shell script. Making scripts for doing http requests is cool! (I say carefully because it is a pain to parse HTML with regular expressions :)) The Code Nokogiri … Continue reading

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Backups on an encrypted external hard drive

Here I assume you already filled it with random data. Just one more post documenting my system.. (It might be useful only to myself, who knows). I have a file /root/key with random numbers (just dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdb bs=key_size count=1). … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know they are no saints and just took to themselves the money donated to buy Sealand. They are selling the business too, etc, etc, etc. It’s irrational, but I just love TPB. 😥

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How to mix Debian testing and unstable

Like me, you might want to use debian testing but occasionally install unstable packages. What happens if you simply put testing and unstable repositories on your sources.list? If you try that, you will notice that your system will always prefer to install … Continue reading

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Script to write random data to a hard drive using openssl

The script I posted on how to write random data to the hard drive was kinda buggy.. Here is a better version, that actually stop when it finishes. It also shows the progress and does some safety checking (It’s weird, … Continue reading

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Running your own dns cache on Debian (with djbdns)

Run as root: aptitude install djbdns dnscache-run mv /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.orig echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf Then configure your connection to not update /etc/resolv.conf upon each connection (I use pppoe to connect to adsl, so I needed to comment the line … Continue reading

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