Air – a computer-generated music (using Haskore)

Very nice thingy, a music generated by a program. Sounds like SNES music for me :~

Air was programmed using Haskore, a Haskell library for manipulating music, and used SuperCollider to output audio.

Here is the source code. I see it first defined basic melodies, and transformed them, so maybe it doesn’t qualify as 100% computer-generated; but I wonder if this thing actually exists. Wikipedia has an article on algorithmic composition anyway. (The obligatory joke here is the serious research attempts to prove that pop music is so repetitive that it can be fully automated by a computer :))

Also on this subject (and a lot more) is the book what is music by Philip Dorrell. Insightful! and it’s available for reading for free, I recommend 🙂

ps: there is a youtube link too (I desisted to embed here because the audio is crappy, but you can see some fractals anyway)

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